Real talk: a professional Website like this could be built in week thanks to my existing skill set. I used WordPress, the Blankslate theme, Bootstrap, Gutenberg, and zero ChatGPT (I would like to live in a world where the robot does the laundry and I can make the art). I’m a writer, a designer, developer, and an advocate for 508 compliance and the best possible user experience. I can figure anything out. You can find more extensive examples of my work in my portfolio. I believe that when you hire a pro, you should get top tier results.

  • CAM Custom Guitars

    CAM Custom Guitars

    When a workshop hobby took off and started showing up in sold out venues, CAM Custom guitars needed a site for fans to go snag a rock machine of their own. That’s when the owner reached out.…

  • TCC Help

    TCC Help

    A knowledge base for students to access information abut the college as it pertains to questions students may have regarding enrollment, financial aid, graduation, etc. A custom CSS overlay for Salesforce Experiences built from a PSD file…

  • TCC Today

    TCC Today

    TCC Today was built as a news blog for Tidewater Community College. I researched the content types needed for this, provided technical documentation and delivered QA to ensure it met the standards. This site was built from…