Web Development

CAM Custom Guitars

A screenshot of a website, the main image features a guitar in it's case with the tagline "built to shred"

When a workshop hobby took off and started showing up in sold out venues, CAM Custom guitars needed a site for fans to go snag a rock machine of their own. That’s when the owner reached out. This build included a WordPress install, content strategy and creation, brand consulting, and training. These guitars can hold CAM Custom Guitars

Tidewater Community College

A screenshot of the former website of Tidewater Community College

Prior to my coming on board, this site was designed, developed and approved despite failing to be 508 compliant. It is both astonishing and heartbreaking how many sites continue to operate in a state that is not 508 because they misunderstand the requirements and level of effort needed to bring them up to compliance. Using Tidewater Community College

TCC Alumni

A screenshot of the former TCC Alumni Site

This site required a distinct design from the main TCC website, and needed to work in harmony with the college’s Educational Foundation. Where the leadership wanted a single site for both alumni and educational foundation, I convinced them that each site served different purposes and could share a linked design. “One hand washes the other.” TCC Alumni

TCC Today

A screenshot of the old TCC Today website

TCC Today was built as a news blog for Tidewater Community College. I researched the content types needed for this, provided technical documentation and delivered QA to ensure it met the standards. This site was built from the Blankslate wordpress theme with the header/footer provided by the Visual Communications department. The site deployed at full TCC Today